Abigale Lormen – Editor

Abigale graduated from Liverpool John Moores University, UK, as a Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. After a brief stint as a content writer with Liverpool Echo, Abigale moved to the US and decided to jump the online journalism bandwagon and took up the job of sub-editor and contributing editor at a number of online news sites before eventually landing the job of editor at Business Analyst.

Nicole Wilson – Contributor

Nicole has over six years of experience in online news industry as a freelancer. She joined Business Analyst as a freelancer, but having managed to successfully deliver her work, she was elevated to the post of a permanent contributor.

Jesse Mackey – Contributor

Jesse has been with Business Analyst right from day 1. He has played instrumental role in getting the news portal up and running. He not only handles contributions for Business Analyst, but also looks after technical aspects of the entire website.

Sally Masters – Contributor

Sally is a journalism under-graduate. She interned with the New York Post and started off her career as a freelancer. Sally contributes for some big publishers across the US and UK.